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Teacher Resources

Career Worksheets

Looking for a way to get your students to engage with their future? The career worksheets are a fun way to guide students from start to finish through the career planning process and impart key information along the way. Download here or email us at Contact@coursecamel.com


Career Tools is a great, customisable platform for careers advisors to communicate career information to students and parents. It features a large array of tools and information to suit the individual needs of each school. See here

Course Search Widget

Want to remove the barrier for career planning for your students? The course search widget is a web tool that helps your students search quickly! You can put it in your career webpage, in an e-newsletter or elsewhere so you can take advantage of the short time you the students' attention. Request the widget for your site or email us at Contact@coursecamel.com

School Presentations

Students respond well to our presentations as we are young, relatable and enthusiastic. We teach students and parents effective (and exciting) career planning with Course Camel and share some of our own pathway stories along the way. Presentations are short, sharp and will give students a clear direction to move forward.

Book us for your next:
  • Career Day
  • Parent Information Evening
  • Mini careers expo
Enquire here or email us at Contact@coursecamel.com

How to use Course Camel

Want to show others how to use Course Camel effectively? Or would you like to learn yourself? This video is for you.